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Welcome to the first step of diving into the world of blockchain. Here are a few steps to help you get started.

MasChain is constructing web3 infrastructure with the goal of reducing the entry barriers for companies seeking to adopt blockchain and web3 technologies. We are developing a Service Layer based on RESTful API architecture to serve as the interface between MasChain and partnering companies. This layer is designed to simplify integration by abstracting complex web3 concepts and languages, thus facilitating seamless communication and interaction.

Getting Started

Step 1 : Identifying services

To initiate the integration process, your first step entails identifying the requisite services based on your specific use case. These services are conveniently listed in the left menu. Upon selecting a service, you'll find an overview section elucidating its high-level functions and potential use cases. It's worth noting that many scenarios necessitate the utilization of multiple services simultaneously. For instance, suppose you intend to integrate blockchain technology into your loyalty point system. In that case, you may require:

  1. Token Management Service: This service facilitates the tokenization of loyalty points, enabling their representation in token format.
  2. Wallet Management Service: This service facilitates the creation and management of user wallets, which serve as repositories for tokens received as loyalty points.

By judiciously leveraging these services in tandem, you can effectively integrate blockchain functionality into your system.

Step 2 : Creating an Account

Next, you will proceed to the Enterprise Portal to register for an enterprise account. Upon completion of the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) processes, you will be prompted to link your account to a valid credit card. This ensures seamless payment processing for subscription fees and usage charges, as your credit card will be automatically charged at the end of each monthly billing period.

Subsequently, you can proceed to subscribe to the services identified in the previous step, selecting those that align with your specific requirements. Please note that we provide some services to create smart contract for your purpose, you may refer to Smart Contract Creation page to check on how to manage Smart Contract.

Step 3 : Creating an API key

Next, at the enterprise portal, you can head over to the API key page to create your first project and initialize your API keys. Enter your desired Project Name and select a service for that API key. You may refer to API Keys Generation page to check on how to manage your API.

After you have successfully created your API key, you will receive the following, which will be needed to authorize API calls when using those Services.

  • API Key
  • API Secret Key

Step 4 : Start integration

Finally, you can navigate to the comprehensive documentation for each subscribed service. In Services, you will find detailed information including available endpoints, API specifications, and other relevant details essential for seamless integration with your system.


Enterprise Portal :



Enterprise Portal :